1st November to 30th November 2014 in Nagoya (Ichinomiya), Japan

ONGAESHI artist exchange bremen nagoya 2014/2015 is a joint exhibition project organized by twelve artists and a curator. The participants come from Germany and Japan. A visit of the German artists and the curator already took place in Japan in November 2014 and a return visit of the Japanese artists in Bremen was at March 2015. ONGAESHI is Japanese and means ‘to return a favor’ or ‘to prove a gratitude’. The word puts the hospitality and mutual invitation into the focus of the project. Its aim is an exchange in terms of culture, practice and content experienced through the collaborative work. ONGAESHI is not limited to an exchange between the participants, but is accessible to the public in Bremen and Nagoya through artist talks and an exhibition at the respective location.

Artists: Irika Amano, Ryosuke Aratani, Anna Bart, Felix Dreesen, Masami Fujii, Gerhard Geising, Vincent Haynes, Shunpei Masunari, Jin Murata, Yuta Satake, Malte Stiehl, Kimiko Torisu, Keiko Tozaki

Curator: Sabrina Meißner

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